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Seeing The Kingdom

“Seeing the Kingdom” is the first book in the Kingdom in Me series created to build a Kingdom mindset in children. It’s never too early to understand who you are in Christ. In a world filled with confusion, “Seeing the Kingdom” helps to build a positive mindset in children based on foundational biblical truths.

The Holy Spirit,
My Friend

The Holy Spirit, My Friend is part of the Kingdom In Me series, books that inspire children to learn more about the Gospel. The Holy Spirit, My Friend is about the Trinity of God and discusses the three parts to God and their significance in a child’s life.

The King, The Kingdom and You!

The King, the Kingdom and You helps bring an understanding of what the first half of the prayer means.


Sing to the Mountain

“Singing to the Mountain” is a fun way of understanding and memorizing the Ten Commandments. The Ten commandments were created by God to strengthen and protect His children from the things that could cause them harm. Through the Ten commandments, God’s children recognize the importance of having God in their lives and God helps His children avoid the dangerous traps by placing them on the right path to living.

A Birthday Celebration

A Birthday Celebration: A Reason for the Season is a book that encourages children to develop the mindset of sharing and caring for others, like God does for His children on a daily basis. The holiday season, especially Christmas, is a joyous occasion for children to receive the gifts that they were hoping and waiting for patiently.

Rosie Learns to Pray Kingdom Style

“Rosie learns to pray Kingdom Style” will teach young readers about prayer and how to pray at their comfort level. It shows that even Jesus friend’s, the disciples, had asked Jesus how to pray. Praying to God doesn’t have to be hard. Each day, find quiet time to talk with God and to read His word in the Bible. Before you know it, you will start saying prayers based on God’s words and promises.



Kingdom Children Mysteries Discovering the Kingdom

The Kingdom Children Mysteries, Discovering the Kingdom, helps to teach young readers about the Kingdom of God. Children are able to see how the Kingdom of God mirrors the way many governments are run today.